Why Key West Was Originally Named "Bone Island

The fierce Calusa Indians were said to leave the remains of their enemies on the beaches of Key West, thus creating Key West's first name, Cayo Hueso... Island of Bones.

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Cuban-American Heritage Festival


The economic and cultural impact of Cubans has been profound. Walking the streets today you can smell aromas of café con leche, Cuban bread, hear Latin music, Spanish spoken and Cuban roosters crow.


Cuban-American Heritage Festival FAQ's

Question: What is the Cuban American Heritage Festival?

Answer: It is a six day festival that celebrates how Cuban heritage influenced Key West's culture and economy.

Question: What can I expect to see at the festival?

Answer: Music, dinners, dancing, and more. See festival calendar of events for further info.

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Cuban-American Heritage Festival
Celebrate the Cuban-American Heritage Festival, this is the official festival home page featuring, mission, sponsors, photo gallery, and more.

Best Festival photos:
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Various festival photos found with a google search.

Further Info:
Cuban-American Wikipedia
Wikipedia a free online encyclopedia providing an onlime discussion about the history of the Cuban-Americans.

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