Why Key West Was Originally Named "Bone Island

The fierce Calusa Indians were said to leave the remains of their enemies on the beaches of Key West, thus creating Key West's first name, Cayo Hueso... Island of Bones.

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Wherever you are right now, chances are the weather is better here in the Florida Keys. That’s true even on a summer day. The hottest it’s ever been in Key West is 97º F (36º C), and that was way back in 1880. At the peak of summer, the average high is 89º F (32º C).


Wise Floridians from the mainland flock to the Keys on steamy weekends because the air is usually a few degrees cooler here. The water temperature might be in the mid-80s (30º C) but the sea is nevertheless refreshing for swimming, snorkeling or diving. In the winter, cold fronts can bring frost to mainland Florida, but you can be sure there will be no frost here. The all-time record low for Key West is 41º F (5º C) set in 1981. Divers or snorkelers usually get by with a “shortie” wet suit.-www.fla-keys.com

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