Why Key West Was Originally Named "Bone Island

The fierce Calusa Indians were said to leave the remains of their enemies on the beaches of Key West, thus creating Key West's first name, Cayo Hueso... Island of Bones.

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The Mel Fisher Maritime Society Museum


Learn the story of Mel Fisher's quest for the Atocha, while discovering the intricacies of maritime history and the tragedies of shipwrecks.


Mel Fisher Maritime Society Museum FAQ's:

Question: Who was Mel Fisher?

Answer: Mel Fisher (August 21, 1922 - December 19, 1999) was an American treasure hunter best known for finding the wreck of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha.

Question: What is the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum?

Answer: A museum dedicated to the education of the Age of Discovery and all the artifacts it left behind.

Question: What is the Age of Discovery?

Answer: When Europeans explored what was to them a whole "New World". Their exploits, their commerce and the havoc they wreaked by both accident and design on the native inhabitants of the Americas all have their echoes in the artifacts in the museum collection.

Question: What does the museum feature?

Answer: The Museum features four ships, the Nuestra Señora de Atocha and the Santa Margarita , both of which sank in a hurricane in 1622; The St. John’s Wreck , a vessel of exploration that carried conquistadors to the Caribbean in roughly 1560; and the Henrietta Marie, an English merchant slaver that sank off the Florida Keys in 1700.

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Mel Fisher Maritime Society Museum
The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum showcases gold, silver, and treasure recovered from shipwrecks around the world. Get location, hours, photos, and more at this site.

Best Museum Photos:
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Several museum photos found with a google search.

Further Info:
Mel Fisher.com
Mel Fisher's treasure site featuring the Atocha operation, amazing finds, news, photo gallery, newsletter, and more.

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