Why Key West Was Originally Named "Bone Island

The fierce Calusa Indians were said to leave the remains of their enemies on the beaches of Key West, thus creating Key West's first name, Cayo Hueso... Island of Bones.

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Key West Conch Tour Train


See the Best on the tour that's been entertaining visitors to the Island City since 1958. The Conch Tour Train is one of Florida's most popular attractions, and for a good reason.


Key West Conch Tour Train FAQ's:

Question: What is the Conch Train Tour?

Answer: A narrated 90-minute tour of 60 unusual and historic sites that acquaints you with the attractions and layout of Key West.

Question: What are the train's hours of operation?

Answer: The Conch Tour Train offers tours everyday from 9:00am to 4:30pm. The tour is approximately 90 minutes long.

Question: How long is the tour?

Answer: The tour is approximately 90 minutes long.

Question: What attractions will I see while on the tour?


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Conch Train Tour
The Official Conch Train site featuring general info, attractions, hours, and more.

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